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When it comes to differentiating between LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) things can get confusing, especially since both technologies actually use LCD screens. Put simply, an LED-backlight is a replacement for the uniform CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps)  backlight that gives an LCD screen its brightness. CCFL is a white light which shines across the back of the LCD and is coloured to generate the image. LED can be white lights or they can be RGB which simply means they can emit red, green and blue light. Instead of always being on - and therefore not able to dim specific areas of the screen - LED lights are arraned either along the sides of screen ("Edge" LED) or arranged behind the entire screen ("Direct" or "Full" LED). Either way, manufacturers are marketing the new technology...

Windows 8 – to upgrade or not to upgrade?

Windows 8 is a definite shift in the way Windows works and is a lot more touch screen orientated - taking into account the increase in the use of tablets as well as traditional PCs. Most noticeable positive changes are that Windows 8 is a lot faster, and quicker to boot. Used on the correct hardware, it is not only fast but sleek and fun. There are huge security improvements, including the use of a Picture Password. More secure not to mention more convenient, and the use of the touch screen is a definite plus. On the flip-side, the start menu has gone and there is no longer a unified search of documents and emails in the Windows 8 desktop that you used to be able to access from the start menu. The use of touch screen...

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