dc Jack Replacement

DC Jack replacement is a common issue in laptop repair. A DC jack is used in many electronic devices to allow a steady power source to be plugged in and a laptop DC jack is likely to suffer from wear and tear over time. This is due to frequent connecting and disconnecting of the charger, which means the jack itself can begin to loosen and wear down. Signs that you need DC jack replacement can be as follows;

  • There is no indication that your laptop is charging on your desktop toll bar.¬†
  • Your laptop is not turning on.
  • You can smell burned rubber from your laptop.
  • Your laptop is not charging when connected to its charger.
  • Where the charger is plugged into on your laptop is broken.
dc jack replacement

dc jack replacement


Most of the time power connectors are damaged when there is an accident of some kind, for example; tripping over your wire. If the power connector cannot connect to the motherboard then the power adaptor cannot supply power once the battery has died. DC jack replacement is how to solve this problem!

The most important thing to do is to stop playing with the connector to get it to charge for what, at most, will be short periods of time.  Instead, begin the process of DC jack replacement, which could not be simpler. Now, whilst DIY repair can fix your DC jack without much cost, solder work is required. For amateurs, the risk of doing greater damage to your laptop as a result of soldering is more than likely, and will result in more cost in the long run.

Simply bring your laptop to is and the experts at Laptop Repair London will do the DC jack replacement for you. Speed and efficiency at a very competitive price.

F.Y.I. You do not have to replace a motherboard if the power connector is not working. 

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