Laptop Recycling

Retailers and manufacturers have to give customers information about how to recycle their old laptops for free. They also have to contribute to any related laptop recycling costs. It’s up to you to decide if you want to dispose your old laptop in an environmentally-friendly way.

Laptop recycling – why do it?

Government figures show that every year about one million tonnes of electronic landfill is generated in the UK alone – most likely a result of frequent upgrading due to constant advances in the electronic world. However, this contributes to a huge amount of waste which is harmful to the environment we live in!

Laptop recycling – how to do it

If you’d like to participate in laptop recycling, here are some things you can do!

- Take your laptop to your nearest recycling point (see the end of the article for help with this)

- Contact your council. They will be able to collect your old laptop for you (prices for this service will vary). In addition, some manufacturers may collect your old laptop for free as well.

laptop recycling
laptop recycling

- Check your local electronic retailers as a few will accept old laptops for laptop recycling if you’re buying a new similar product there. Other retailers choose to join a take-back scheme that directs you to a designated collection facility for laptop recycling.

- Of course, there is also the option to donate your laptop to a charity shop. Pop along to a charity shop near you for more information.

Laptop recycling really is very simple and much more beneficial to the environment. So whenever you can, it is always advisable to recycle unused, unwanted laptops instead of throwing out in the trash!

Also note: even though you could be charged for the collection of your old laptop, it will not cost you to recycle it.

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