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A broken screen can cause worry to many laptop owners. They can think their whole laptop is broken and beyond repair. However, this is rarely the case. At Laptop Repair London, we have technicians who specialize in laptop screen repair and replacement.

When your screen no longer works, make sure you get it checked out – before thinking your laptop has completely broken! More often than not, the problem can be easily solved. Some laptop screens don’t even need replacing and laptop screen repair is more simple than you may think. At Laptop Repair London, our specialists will ensure you receive the best service, whatever your laptop screen needs.

Your broken screen will either have physical damage due to being dropped or it will be damaged as a result of its age. Age damage can be things like reduced picture sharpness and/or your backlight not working. Of course, you could have both types of damage. Your screen will either need replacing or repairing. It depends on which problem it has.

If your screen no longer works, have a look at our list of common faults below. See what we can do to help you with your laptop screen repair today!

laptop screen repair
laptop screen repair

Laptop screen repair or replace – common faults

  • Blank screen but power to the laptop – screen repair
  • Faded colour on your screen – screen repair
  • The screen has lines – screen replacement
  • Half the screen missing – screen replacement
  • Smashed screen – screen replacement

If your laptop screen is broken or damaged, we provide the same day laptop screen repair and replacement in the London area. Whatever the problem, our laptop screen repair service is second to none. Our technicians will have your laptop up and running again, as soon as possible. All at a very competitive price!

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