Memory Slot Repair

Having problems with your laptop’s memory? Seeing blue lines? These are just a couple of the things which can point to the memory slots in your laptop needing repair work. Memory slot repair is needed when there is a fault with the RAM (random-access memory) in your laptop. A memory slot (also called a RAM slot) is what enables the memory to be inserted into your laptop. There are usually 2 to 4 memory slots in your laptop’s motherboard – although this does depend on the laptop. Memory slot repair is fairly common. It does not mean you have to repair or replace your whole motherboard.

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There are a few causes of memory slot failure. All leading to your memory slot needing repair. Here at Laptop Repair London, we have everything you need for your memory slot repair!

One reason that memory slots need repairing is because their pins short. Memory slots have 200 pins and every now and again 1 or 2 of these pins short. When this happens it causes a blue screen. This can be fixed by removing old memory slots and soldering new slots to the motherboard. At Laptop Repair London, we can get fix this problem for you. Our certified technicians will provide a fast and efficient service at a very competitive price. So call us today and see how we can help you out!

memory slot repair
memory slot repair

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