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Motherboard Repair

A motherboard is a vital part of your laptop. To explain the working of a laptop in simple terms; the CPU (central processing unit) is the brain and the motherboard is the nervous system. The motherboard holds everything together and sends instructions from one part to another.

One of the biggest inaccuracies about motherboards is that when they become damaged or broken, it's the end for your entire laptop. This isn't true - a motherboard can be fixed. It is also very important to get this doneĀ as soon as possible. This is because if your motherboard does break, any damage can quickly spread to other parts of your desktop.

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Laptop Screen Repair – London laptop screen repair service

A broken screen can cause worry to many laptop owners. They can think their whole laptop is broken and beyond repair. However, this is rarely the case. At Laptop Repair London, we have technicians who specialize in laptop screen repair and replacement. When your screen no longer works, make sure you get it checked out - before thinking your laptop has completely broken! More often than not, the problem can be easily solved. Some laptop screens don't even need replacing and laptop screen repair is more simple than you may think. At Laptop Repair London, our specialists will ensure you receive the best service, whatever your laptop screen needs. Your broken screen will either have physical damage due to being dropped or it will be damaged as a result of its age. Age damage can be things...