Windows 8 – to upgrade or not to upgrade?

Windows 8 is a definite shift in the way Windows works and is a lot more touch screen orientated – taking into account the increase in the use of tablets as well as traditional PCs.

Most noticeable positive changes are that Windows 8 is a lot faster, and quicker to boot. Used on the correct hardware, it is not only fast but sleek and fun. There are huge security improvements, including the use of a Picture Password. More secure not to mention more convenient, and the use of the touch screen is a definite plus.

On the flip-side, the start menu has gone and there is no longer a unified search of documents and emails in the Windows 8 desktop that you used to be able to access from the start menu. The use of touch screen is a positive change but if you don’t have a PC enabling this feature, or a touch mouse, you might not experience the full benefits of the new operating system.

In conclusion, touch screen or mouse, Windows 8 undeniably shines. You can still stay substantially in the desktop if you want to and enjoy a faster, more secure version of Windows with a better browser that has longer battery life.


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